Open Forum Session - Organised by the ESR Publications Committee

OF 5E - A glimpse inside the life of a journal

In this session, organised by the ESR Journal Family, prominent editors from the ESR and other journals will give you an insight into editorial work. You will learn about the qualities of good reviewers, considerations of editors' decisions, and current challenges of scientific publishing.

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Yves Menu, Paris / France
15 min
Do's and Don'ts when reviewing and commenting
Rossano Girometti, Udine / Italy
Jose Maria Garcia Santos, Murcia / Spain
15 min
A day in an editor's life and how not to get desk-rejected
Helmut Prosch, Vienna / Austria
Christian Loewe, Vienna / Austria
15 min
Challenges for journals in a fast-changing world
Vicky Goh, London / United Kingdom
10 min
Open forum discussion