Studio Session with Bayer

INDST 2 - AI In Radiology - See the Possible and Create the Future Now




30:00Rich Dewit, Lucia Fernandez Lopez, Berlin / DE

Find out more about some of the industry’s burning questions and learn from Rich Dewit and Lucia Fernandez Lopez how to create the future by seeing the possible already today…

Bayer’s activities at ECR 2024 demonstrate the commitment as a leading company in pivotal areas of radiology, aiming to tackle current industry challenges and expedite innovation for the benefit of healthcare providers and their patients, including leveraging the extensive potential of AI. With Bayer’s own medical imaging platform, the company provides a suite of digital radiology AI-enabled applications that assist radiologists and their teams at critical steps within a patient’s treatment experience. The vendor-neutral, cloud-hosted platform includes a growing number of applications designed to aid in prioritization, lesion detection and quantification, as well as apps that automate routine tasks and measurements, improve radiology suites’ workflow, and free up time for radiologists and their teams.

30 min
Rich Dewit /
Lucia Fernandez Lopez, Berlin / Germany

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