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Season 1: The Cube Expanded - Episode 3

All is well that ends well

October 23, 2019 | 19:30 CEST


Walk the line between endovascolar aortic repair and open surgery

A 78-year old male patient was admitted to the Vienna General Hospital – Medical University Vienna due to a large aortic aneurysm. Pretherapeutic imaging revealed an unfavourable location of the aneurysm involving the branching of the renal arteries. Given the comorbidities and the age of the patient, endovascular treatment was decided upon, regardless of the fact that a ‘conventional’ stent graft implantation was not possible and a dedicated devised wall would be required. Despite the clear indication for endovascular treatment and the exact and perfect planning of the procedure, carrying out the open surgery is still a tricky business. Follow Christian Loewe and Florian Wolf on this thin tightrope and see if they can successfully walk the endovascular line!  

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