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E³ - The Beauty of Basic Knowledge

E³ 25A - Basic principles and magnetic field interactions

March 3, 11:45 - 12:45 CET

  • 2 Lectures
  • 60 Minutes
  • 2 Speakers


E³ 25A-2
20 min
From the proton to the MR image: the principle of clinical MRI
Andrew Webb, Leiden / Netherlands
1. To understand how the hydrogen nuclei in our bodies respond to the main magnet, the transmitting RF coil, and the magnetic field gradients.
2. To understand how we form an image and how image artifacts can occur.
3. To understand how to produce different contrasts in an MR image.
E³ 25A-3
20 min
A systematic overview on MRI interactions with magnetic and electrically conductive material
Fritz Schick, Tübingen / Germany
1. To learn about the hardware components that generate different types of electromagnetic fields.
2. To learn about the interactions between the static magnetic field and magnetic material.
3. To learn about the interactions between time-varying electromagnetic fields and electrically conductive material.
15 min
Live Q&A

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Ursula Reiter

Graz, Austria


Siegfried Trattnig

Vienna, Austria



Andrew G. Webb

Leiden, Netherlands


Fritz Schick

Tübingen, Germany