Career opportunities for radiographers

July 17, 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

BS 5b-1
Introduction by the moderator
Jonathan McNulty, Dublin / IE
BS 5b-2
The specialised paediatric radiographer
Rachael O'Connor, Dublin / IE
Learning Objectives
1. To become familiar with the key differences in paediatric patient care.
2. To appreciate the additional knowledge, skills, and attributes of a paediatric radiographer.
3. To understand the need for education, training, and continuous professional development for specialised paediatric radiographers.
BS 5b-3
Radiographers in ultrasound
Gill Harrison, London / UK
Learning Objectives
1. To understand the ultrasound education and training requirements.
2. To become familiar with the potential scope of practice for, and impact of, sonographers
3. To identify the sonographers' role within medical imaging and the wider multidisciplinary team.
BS 5b-4
The radiation protection officer
Edward Gruppetta, Msida / MT
Learning Objectives
1. To understand the education and training needs of the radiation protection officer (RPO).
2. To become familiar with the important roles and responsibilities of the RPO across different modalities.
3. To highlight the responsibilities of an RPO within a wider medical imaging team.
BS 5b-5
Live Q&A

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Jonathan McNulty

Dublin, Ireland