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Radiology fighting COVID-19

Collaboration is key: how to establish safe workflows

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This 4th episode of ESR Connect Special Reports will focus on how collaboration across professions and specialties is the key factor in managing the challenges posed at healthcare systems during the coronavirus pandemic. Two main topics will be covered: structured reporting, in times of crisis an even more important tool to enhance collaboration with other departments, as well as how to ensure safe workflows for patients and staff alike, based on the experience in a metropolis’ radiology department.

Anagha Parkar, chest radiologist from Bergen, Norway, will explain the structured report proposal as presented in the ESR-ESTI advice paper, and how recognising and identifying the COVID-19 pattern will enable swifter recognition and aid clinicians to triage these patients. Radiologists must not only be aware of these findings, but also report findings and level of confidence of the presence or absence of typical COVID-19 findings in their structured reports.

Felix Döllinger, chest radiologist and in charge for hygiene measures in the radiology department of Charité Berlin, together with David Günther, leading radiographer at the same institution, will share their experience in how to prepare for a crisis like this, and how to ensure safe workflows. They will give valuable insights into multi-professional approaches and collaboration from one of the biggest hospitals in Europe, and on the German COVID-19 measures and strategies.




Anagha P. Parkar

Bergen, Norway


Felix Döllinger

Berlin, Germany


David Günther

Berlin, Germany