ISRRT meets the United States

Collaborative radiographer research: preserving radiographer's history and evolving radiation therapy professional role in the United States

10 min
15 min
The ASRT museum and archives: preserving the history of radiographers in the United States
1. To take participants on a virtual tour of the ASRT museum and archives, highlighting its interactive displays and educational exhibits.
2. To review the unique mission of the museum to deepen the appreciation and understanding of the radiographer profession and to inspire further learning.
3. To identify the major milestones in the development of radiographers' practice in the US that is presented in the museum.
4. To learn about ASRT's significant and vital role in advancing the radiographer profession in the US.
15 min
Supporting radiographers' research efforts in the USA and internationally
1. To outline the efforts of the ASRT foundation in funding research grants in the US.
2. To describe the ASRT foundation's pilot program for funding collaborative international research projects.
3. To appreciate how radiographer-directed research enhances the entire profession.
4. To explain the importance of supporting a continuum of research grant opportunities at all experience levels; new, emerging, and seasoned researchers.
15 min
The evolving role of the radiation therapist in the United States
1. To identify recent advances in radiation therapy equipment and practice that have caused the role of the radiation therapist to evolve in the US.
2. To discuss the changes in educational preparation of the radiation therapist with evolving technology and practice.
3. To recognise how advances in radiation therapy equipment and practice affects patient outcomes and demands on the health care system in the US.
4. To evaluate the future practice changes in radiation therapy that will influence the role of the radiation therapist.
5 min
Panel discussion: Evolving roles in medical imaging and how to support national and international radiographer research efforts