COVID-19: experience from Italy, Spain and England

July 17, 18:30 - 19:30 CEST

CoV 2-1
Introduction by the moderator
Jacob Sosna, Jerusalem / IL
CoV 2-2
The Italian experience: facing the wave first
Nicola Sverzellati, Parma / IT
Learning Objectives
1. To be learn about the epidemic progression and management at the national level.
2. To learn about the different adopted staging strategies.
3. To learn about the Italian radiology professionals? role during the epidemic.
CoV 2-3
The Spanish experience: when exhibition centers and hotels turn into hospitals
Marcelo Sánchez, Barcelona / ES
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about the start and raise of the epidemic.
2. To understand how it impacted the healthcare system.
3. To understand how Spanish radiology professionals managed the situation.
CoV 2-4
England: lessons from the British experience
Fergus Gleeson, London / UK
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about the epidemic history.
2. To learn about the affected areas in England.
3. To learn about the management by radiology professionals of the epidemic in the UK.
CoV 2-5
Live Q&A



Jacob Sosna

Jerusalem, Israel