COVID-19: the radiographers' perspective

July 18, 18:30 - 19:30 CEST

CoV 3-1
Introduction by the moderators
Peter Hogg, Salford / UK
Diego Catania, Milan / IT
CoV 3-3
Staying well and supporting each other
Charlotte Graungaard Falkvard, Nexø / DK
Learning Objectives
1. To explore the role of national societies in supporting the health and well-being of their members.
2. To provide examples of activities to support radiographer health and well-being.
3. To discuss the importance of strong clinical teams during the pandemic.
CoV 3-4
COVID-19 and radiographer education: online opportunities
Shane J. Foley, Dublin / IE
Learning Objectives
1. To review the impact of COVID-19 on radiographer education.
2. To reflect on educational challenges for students and staff.
3. To explore the opportunities created by the pandemic and how these might influence continuing changes in practices.
CoV 3-5
Effective communication in a COVID-19 environment
Jonathan Portelli, Msida / MT
Learning Objectives
1. To discuss the importance of effective communication in medical imaging.
2. To explore clinical communication challenges associated with COVID-19.
3. To describe strategies to enhance communication with patients and between staff.
CoV 3-6
Preliminary clinical evaluation of chest radiographs: what radiographers need to know?
Nicholas Hans Woznitza, London / UK
Learning Objectives
1. To explore the role of the chest radiography in the context of COVID-19.
2. To review the key imaging findings for radiographers to be familiar with.
3. To demonstrate the impact of radiographer reporting of chest radiographs during the pandemic.
CoV 3-7
Recognising radiographers at the frontline of the pandemic
Jonathan McNulty, Dublin / IE
Learning Objectives
1. To review the multitude of roles radiographers have played in our fight against COVID-19.
2. To recognise the significance of this contribution being made by radiographers around the world on a daily basis.
CoV 3-8
Live Q&A


Peter H. Hogg

Salford, United Kingdom


Diego Catania

Milan, Italy