E³ - Young ECR Programme: Basic Sessions - Organised by the EFRS

BS 19 - Enhancing radiographer communication

July 16, 12:30 - 13:30 CEST

BS 19-2
18 min
Optimising communication strategies
Gioele Santucci, Rimini / Italy
1. To become familiar with the psychodynamics of helping strategies.
2. To understand appropriate patient management.
3. To discuss verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
BS 19-3
18 min
Communicating benefit versus risk
Jonathan Portelli, Msida / Malta
1. To raise awareness of the responsibility to engage in benefit-risk dialogue.
2. To outline benefit-risk communication strategies.
3. To provide examples of good practice.
BS 19-4
18 min
Patient-centred care and communication
Rodrigo García Gorga, Sabadell / Spain
1. To raise awareness of the need for individualised communication and care.
2. To provide examples of the diversity of communication needs.
3. To discuss the importance of patient involvement in communication strategies.
BS 19-5
6 min
Panel discussion: How can we achieve enhanced communication whilst being time effective?