The AI Theatre: Panel Discussion

AI-SC 2 - Interoperability for AI in radiology: a collaborative approach between different stakeholders


Chairperson's introduction

Chairperson's introduction

03:00Nadya Pyatigorskaya, Paris / FR

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

57:00Andrea Grace Rockall, Godalming / UK, Benoît Rizk, Villars-sur-Glane / CH, Annalisa Trianni, Trento / IT, David Goyard, Neuchâtel / CH, Yannick Re, Berre L'Etang / FR

3 min
Chairperson's introduction
Nadya Pyatigorskaya, Paris / France
57 min
Panel Discussion
David Goyard, Neuchâtel / Switzerland
Benoît Rizk, Villars-sur-Glane / Switzerland
Yannick Re, Berre L'Etang / France
Andrea Grace Rockall, Godalming / United Kingdom
Annalisa Trianni, Trento / Italy
1. To discuss industry experience.
2. To present radiologists’ expectations.
3. To identify current gaps and possible solutions.

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