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Season 1: The Cube Expanded - Episode 6

It ain’t over till it’s over

November 13, 2019 | 19:30 CET


Follow the long way of a challenging pelvic recanalisation!

A 51-year-old female patient was admitted to the Vienna General Hospital – Medical University Vienna because she was suffering from intermittent claudication in the clinical stage IIb, following Fontaine’s classification. Pretherapeutic imaging revealed an occlusion of the left external iliac artery, and endovascular treatment was indicated. Nothing special for an Interventionalist and a straightforward endovascular treatment plan was planned and initiated. Despite the unspectacular prerequisites, the treatment turned out to be more challenging than expected and the well-defined initial plan had to be adapted more than once to save the patient’s left leg. Follow Christian Loewe, Florian Wolf and Max de Bucourt on their journey, as they face ever-changing plans, having to rendezvous with one another along the way, extend the treatment overnight and finally convert it into a hybrid procedure!


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Christian Loewe

Vienna, Austria


Maximilian de Bucourt

Berlin, Germany