Leadership and management in radiography

July 17, 08:30 - 09:30 CEST

RC 1714-1
Introduction by the moderators
Vibeke Logager, Copenhagen / DK
Tina Starc, Ljubljana / SI
RC 1714-3
A. Effective communication: a key leadership and management tool
Julie Michelle Nightingale, Sheffield / UK
Learning Objectives
1. To be aware of the theories underpinning effective communication.
2. To understand the meaning and impact of effective communication within radiography practice.
3. To explore which steps can be taken to improve communication techniques.
RC 1714-4
B. Leading change: key considerations and tools to motivate radiography teams in quality management
Gonçalo Marques, Lisbon / PT
Learning Objectives
1. To understand the key principles of change management.
2. To be familiar with motivators relevant to radiography teams.
3. To become aware of practical tips to support radiographers responsible for change within their professional roles.
RC 1714-5
C. Inclusive leadership: equality, diversity and inclusion
Louise A. Rainford, Dublin / IE
Learning Objectives
1. To understand the breadth of which radiographers should reflect on inclusivity in the profession.
2. To be familiar with the changing landscape of inclusivity in academic and clinical environments.
3. To be familiar with specific initiatives, guidelines, and directives driving improvements in inclusivity through inclusive leadership.
RC 1714-6
Live Q&A: Developing future radiographer leaders: what support do current clinical and academic leaders need



Vibeke Logager

Copenhagen, Denmark


Tina Starc

Ljubljana, Slovenia