Lung cancer screening implementation in Europe: is it inevitable?

July 18, 16:00 - 17:00 CEST

NH 16-1
Introduction by the moderator
Mathias Prokop, Nijmegen / NL
NH 16-2
NELSON trial latest results
Harry J. de Koning, Rotterdam / NL
Learning Objectives
1. To review the NELSON trial design and settings.
2. To learn about the final mortality reduction results.
3. To learn about causes of death unrelated to lung cancer.
NH 16-3
Lung cancer screening in Europe
Mario Silva, Parma / IT
Learning Objectives
1. To review the European guidelines for screening.
2. To learn about the Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) certification project.
3. To describe the currently active nationwide screening programmes.
NH 16-4
Challenges to implementing lung cancer screening: US experience
Alexander A. Bankier, Worcester, MA / US
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about ways to promote lung cancer screening.
2. To review the strategies for a high adherence and retention rate.
3. To learn how to optimise lung cancer screening implementation in clinical practice.
NH 16-5
Lung cancer screening: will humans still be needed?
Fergus Gleeson, Oxford / UK
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about computer-aided detection (CAD) tools for lung nodule detection and characterisation.
2. To review automated screening opportunities beyond lung nodule detection.
3. To learn about the current and projected future artificial intelligence performance in lung cancer detection.
NH 16-6
Live Q&A: Lung cancer screening, from trial to practice

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Mathias Prokop

Nijmegen, Netherlands