Musculoskeletal: bones, soft tissues and inflammation

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Learning Objectives:

Bone marrow diseases

  1. To describe the typical features of normal bone marrow.
  2. To determine origin of bone marrow changes.
  3. To present the imaging characteristics of a bone marrow disease of the different types.

Soft tissue tumours

  1. To determine the origin of a soft tissue tumour (e.g. fat, neural, vascular, etc.).
  2. To present current imaging techniques for evaluation of soft tissue tumours.
  3. To discuss the imaging findings which are important for the diagnosis of soft tissue tumours.

Bone tumours (J. Bloem)

  1. To review the classification of bone tumours.
  2. To present current imaging techniques for evaluation of bone tumours.
  3. To describe the typical features of common bone tumours.

Inflammatory and infections in the soft tissues

  1. To learn the key signs for differential diagnosis.
  2. To learn about imaging findings and management options.


  1. To explain the key points in the differential diagnosis of common arthropathies.
  2. To describe the imaging findings of common arthropathies as they relate to pathophysiology.

Infection: bone and soft tissue

  1. To become familiar with pathophysiology of infectious diseases pertinent to imaging features.
  2. To understand imaging features of infectious diseases and their differential diagnosis.
  3. To appreciate the clinical perspective of imaging infectious diseases..

Bone tumours (K. Woertler)

  1. To become familiar with the imaging features of benign and malignant bone tumours.
  2. To appreciate their imaging characteristic hallmarks on plain film radiography.
  3. To learn how best to use imaging modalities in differential diagnosis.