Professional Challenges Session - Jointly organised by the ESR and ECO (European Cancer Organisation)

On the digital transformation of (cancer) healthcare

2 min
Chairpersons' introduction
15 min
The EU perspective
1. To learn about the initiatives in digital health at the EU level.
2. To understand how the digitalisation of health sectors can improve health care systems
15 min
The imaging perspective
1. To understand whether artificial intelligence re-imagines diagnostic radiology.
2. To understand the role of the radiologist in the era of artificial intelligence.
3. To learn about the regulatory requirements for artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis to ensure safety for the patients.
15 min
The patient's perspective
1. To hear about the patient's perspective on the European Cancer Patient Digital Center.
2. To understand what needs to be done to ensure patients' safety when sharing their data.
3. To learn which issues may arise regarding health and digital literacy and how to solve these.
15 min
The industry's perspective
1. To learn about the industry?s perspective of digital transformation of (cancer) health care.
2. To understand whether digitalisation might impact the design and execution of clinical trials.
3. To understand whether the availability of new biomarkers from imaging, tissue, genetics, and blood could potentially impact drug discovery research.
28 min
Panel discussion: How can digital transformation of health care systems improve health care sectors and what are the obstacles that may hamper or slow down the process?