Professional Challenges Session

Optimising professional radiographers' training

2 min
Chairpersons' introduction
15 min
"In house" subspecialty training: raising standards
1. To describe the meaning and requirement of a subspeciality.
2. To analyse an overview of subspeciality training to raise the standards.
3. To discuss the pros and cons of subspecialisation.
15 min
Multidisciplinary training opportunities
1. To identify cross-disciplinary training opportunities, both combined and complimentary.
2. To analyse how to communicate between all disciplines.
3. To learn about adapting multidisciplinary training in the clinic and university.
15 min
Clinical simulation to support learning
1. To apply clinical reality into clinical simulations.
2. To describe how to use formative assessments to stimulate growth in clinical skills.
3. To examine how to invest and update clinical training facilities for simulation, taking the 'speed of innovation' into account.
15 min
Supporting expanding roles
1. To discuss the current drivers for supporting role expansion.
2. To define the necessary frameworks and governance structures for successful role expansion.
3. To estimate the advantages and disadvantages of role expansion in terms of improving diagnostic quality and treatment outcomes.
28 min
Panel discussion: Does radiographers' advanced training improve high-quality diagnosis and patient outcomes?