Postgraduate and speciality training for radiographers

July 18, 17:30 - 18:30 CEST

PC 9-1
Introduction by the moderator
Deniz Akata, Ankara / TR
Barbara Kraus, Vienna / AT
PC 9-3
Postgraduate radiographer training across Europe
Louise A. Rainford, Dublin / IE
Learning Objectives
1. To discuss the current landscape of postgraduate training opportunities for radiographers across Europe.
2. To review the range of approaches to the purpose, design, and delivery of programmes.
3. To explore future opportunities to progress postgraduate radiography education.
PC 9-4
Ultrasound training requirements
Rute Santos, Coimbra / PT
Learning Objectives
1. To describe the range of approaches to postgraduate ultrasound education for radiographers.
2. To explore the key considerations for postgraduate ultrasound education.
3. To discuss the potential impact of high-quality ultrasound training programmes on service delivery.
PC 9-5
In-house cardiovascular interventional training
Hervé Faltot, Colmar / FR
Learning Objectives
1. To discuss the specific requirements and considerations for radiographers training in vascular interventional radiology and interventional cardiology.
2. To review the structure and impact of an in-house training programme.
3. To consider future opportunities to link with a formal postgraduate training programme.
PC 9-6
Paediatric radiography training in specialised and non-specialised centres
Jonathan Portelli, Msida / MT
Learning Objectives
1. To review potential deficits in the education and training of radiographers in paediatrics.
2. To discuss the need for paediatric radiography to be considered as a specialty in radiography.
3. To consider potential solutions to improve the knowledge, skills, and competence of radiographers in paediatric imaging.
PC 9-7
Live Q&A: Overcoming the challenges in postgraduate radiography education



Deniz Akata

Ankara, Turkey


Barbara Kraus

Vienna, Austria