The AI Theatre: Panel Discussion

AI-SC 6 - Quality assurance (QA) vs Post-market surveillance (PMS) of AI tools


Chairperson's introduction

Chairperson's introduction

03:00Hilde Bosmans, Leuven / BE, Mansoor Fatehi, Tehran / IR

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

57:00Mika Kortesniemi, ESPOO / FI, Nadya Pyatigorskaya, Paris / FR, Kicky Gerhilde van Leeuwen, De Bilt / NL, Leon Doorn, Amsterdam / NL

3 min
Chairperson's introduction
Hilde Bosmans, Leuven / Belgium
Mansoor Fatehi, Tehran / Iran
57 min
Panel Discussion
Leon Doorn, Amsterdam / Netherlands
Kicky Gerhilde van Leeuwen, De Bilt / Netherlands
Mika Kortesniemi, Hus / Finland
Nadya Pyatigorskaya, Paris / France
1. To discuss the difference between QA and PMS of AI tools in radiology.
2. To discuss the role of industry and AI users in QA and PMS.
3. To discuss the benefits of real-time monitoring of the use of an AI tool, way beyond the need to meet the EU Medical Device Regulation.

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