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Radiology fighting COVID-19

Radiologists & Radiographers: Lessons learned from the pandemic

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This 8th episode of ESR Connect “Radiology fighting COVID-19” will conclude the series with a multi-professional review and outlook from radiologists and radiographers.

Together with moderator Helmut Prosch, Professor of Radiology at the Medical University Vienna, three speakers from highly affected areas across Europe will not only summarise what was learned from the coronavirus outbreak, but also how it will in the future impact the daily routine in radiology departments worldwide.

Lukas Ebner is the leading thoracic radiologist at the Inselspital Berne, Switzerland. He will speak on current recommendations, give a brief overview on imaging findings on chest radiographs which show low sensitivity in early COVID-19; however, in more advanced cases, radiographs are usually abnormal at presentation. He will discuss the general role of radiography as well as benefits and pitfalls of CT versus radiography in consideration of local disease management, health care policies and resources.

Senior lecturer and radiographer at the Homerton University Hospital and the Canterbury Christ Church University in Canterbury, United Kingdom, Nick Woznitza was much affected in his work life by COVID-19 over the last weeks. He will explain the British Society of Thoracic Imaging’s Radiology Decision Support Tool, and share his experience on how imaging findings have an impact on daily workflows of radiographers. He will also summarize how radiographers can keep patients and colleagues safe.

Moreno Zanardo is a trained radiographer and currently a research fellow at the radiology department of the university of Milan’s IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, Italy. Experienced by the COVID-19 outbreak in Northern Italy, he will present how regular workflows can be maintained under very difficult conditions, how to train radiographers to protect themselves, and also how to keep up precautions in post-pandemic setting. He will report on his experience on the use of mobile equipment in relevance to providing healthcare in different settings.

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Nick Woznitza

Christ Church, United Kingdom


Moreno Zanardo

Milan, Italy


Lukas Ebner

Berne, Switzerland