ESR meets Malaysia

Radiology skill set needed for Malaysia in facing battle with COVID-19

10 min
Chairperson's introduction: overall effect of COVID-19 on our radiological practices
15 min
Radiology meeting the clinician's expectation in the battle with COVID-19
1. To address the role of imaging in screening of COVID/PUI/PUS in the early pandemic era.
2. To outline the imaging findings to assist in the clinical management of severe COVID-19 patients in the intensive care setting.
3. To share our experience in planning and addressing COVID-19 patients' imaging follow up (long COVID/severe).
15 min
An alternate skill set in assisting the national vaccination programme
1. To describe the national vaccination plan and strategies over different timelines in Malaysia.
2. To demonstrate the role of radiologists outside the hospital setting during the pandemic.
15 min
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer care and radiological perspectives
1. To describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer care and imaging practices at the tertiary centre in Malaysia.
2. To demonstrate that delayed access to timely diagnosis and treatment as a result of movement restrictions and disrupted clinical workflows during the outbreaks are a major concern, which can lead to more intensive treatment and increased morbidity to the non-COVID-19 patient populations.
3. To summarise the efforts for recovery and options to mitigate the adverse effects on diagnostic imaging, clinical workflow, research, and education.
5 min
Panel discussion