E³ - Young ECR Programme: Basic Sessions - Organised by the EFRS

BS 20 - Raising awareness of justification issues to promote best practice

March 5, 14:00 - 15:30 CET

BS 20-2
25 min
Current legislation and justification guidelines
Shane J. Foley, Dublin / Ireland
1. To understand the current legislative requirements across Europe.
2. To consider the role of radiographers in justification.
3. To review evidence-based guidelines for justification.
BS 20-3
25 min
Enhancing radiographers' knowledge for projection radiography justification
Maria Cauchi, Birkirkara / Malta
1. To understand the factors involved in justification.
2. To discuss the importance of effective communication for justification and cooperation purposes.
3. To outline how to manage problematic referrals.
BS 20-4
25 min
Enhancing radiographers' knowledge for computed tomography justification
Martine Harris, Bradford / UK
1. To outline the importance of understanding terminology and the clinical question.
2. To discuss when alternative modalities are more appropriate.
3. To discuss how to manage evolving clinical scenarios within a multidisciplinary team.
BS 20-5
15 min
Panel discussion: Is further training required to optimise justification roles?



Graciano Paulo

Coimbra, Portugal



Shane J Foley

Dublin, Ireland


Maria Cauchi

Birkirkara, Malta


Martine Ann Harris

Wakefield, United Kingdom