ESR/ESOR Fundamentals of Radiological Research Course

Research design

November 9, 2021 | 13:30 CET


The ESR Research Committee, in collaboration with the European School of Radiology, is pleased to announce the ESR/ESOR Fundamentals of Radiological Research Course.
Why do research? How to design a study? How to present research? BIG Questions! The ESR/ESOR has answers from some of the biggest names in radiology!

This is a free online course for ESR members working in Radiology departments. It is aimed at understanding the fundamentals of research methodology in the field of imaging. Come and join some of the leading voices in research in radiology! Boost your career in research by learning from the best!

The course consists of 5 online sessions of 60 min (40 min talks, 20 min Q&A) which will be led by luminaries in the field plus one on-site session at the ECR 2022, to which attendees of min. 4/5 of the online sessions will be specially invited. Visit our Upcoming section to see all sessions.

Registration includes on-demand access until February 9, 2022.

Learning Objectives
• Start with: what is the research question?
• What type of study designs can be used to assess imaging tests and control for bias?
• Why are research protocols fundamental?
• What about ethics and research reporting guidelines?
• What is an endpoint?
• How to power my study?
• Why is a statistician your most important collaborator?



Valérie Vilgrain

Clichy, France



Patrick Bossuyt

Amsterdam, Netherlands