Refresher Courses: Radiographers

Simulation in radiography education and training

5 min
Chairpersons' introduction
10 min
Introduction to virtual reality (VR)
1. To define the terminology and meaning of "virtual" realities.
2. To provide an overview of the real-world usage of these technologies.
3. To discuss healthcare education applications of these technologies.
10 min
The use of moulage in teaching
1. To describe the value of moulage as a pedagogical approach.
2. To discuss the role of moulage in creating cognitive schema and memory recall.
3. To apply a scenario whereby the introduction of moulage would enhance a simulation experience.
10 min
Simulation in radiotherapy education
1. To identify simulation-based education methods used in radiotherapy education.
2. To examine the evidence regarding the effectiveness of these methods.
3. To apply this knowledge to the development of simulation-based teaching activities.
10 min
Educational impact for radiography
1. To describe the types of simulation currently available to support radiography education.
2. To examine the models of simulation training and the impact on their knowledge and clinical skills.
3. To discuss the benefits and limitations of simulation training.
15 min
Panel discussion: How do we know if simulation really builds knowledge, skills, and competence?