Studio Session

ST 6 - The Cube - Unconventional Interventional




30:00Miltiadis Krokidis, Athens / GR, Maximilian De Bucourt, Berlin / DE

Step into the world of Interventional Radiology with The Cube @ ECR. Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences using one of the most extensive collections of ready-to-use endovascular simulators and flow models. Engage with medical professionals and device tutors, explore an exclusive 'unboxing' area at the Cube's Adventure Park to interact with and understand IR devices firsthand.

Join us for a comprehensive 4-day programme on neuro, peripheral, central and onco IR, featuring academic content presented by European IR experts and their teams, covering everything from basic to advanced levels. The Cube offers an exciting blend of challenges, surprises, and prizes, making it the perfect space for colleagues intrigued by the captivating field of Interventional Radiology. Come and enjoy the experience!

30 min
Miltiadis Krokidis, Athens / Greece
Maximilian De Bucourt, Berlin / Germany

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