E³ - Young ECR Programme: Basic Sessions - Organised by the EFRS

The importance of professional engagement

18 min
Engaging with professional societies
1. To learn about the roles of professional societies.
2. To understand the benefits of professional engagement.
3. To provide advice on how to get engaged.
18 min
Active continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities
1. To gain an understanding of the importance of CPD and its culture.
2. To outline current international CPD opportunities.
3. To provide tips on staying CPD active.
18 min
Engaging with research
1. To understand what is meant by "being research active".
2. To outline the importance of radiography research.
3. To suggest stepping stones for research success.
18 min
The importance of a multidisciplinary outlook
1. To understand the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach.
2. To outline examples of multidisciplinary activity.
3. To discuss the importance of innovative team dynamics to improve care.
18 min
Panel discussion: What are the barriers and solutions to professional engagement?