The role of radiology in the management of mass casualty incidents

July 18, 08:30 - 09:30 CEST

E³ 518-1
Introduction by the moderator
Ana Blanco Barrio, Murcia / ES
E³ 518-2
A. Before the disaster: preparations and standards
Fabian G. Mück, Munich / DE
Learning Objectives
1. To understand how to establish the capabilities and limitations of the emergency radiology department.
2. To learn how to decide what protocols to use in case of a mass casualty incident.
3. To learn the importance of the disaster management plan and team practice.
E³ 518-3
B. CT findings of mass casualty incidents, terror attacks and assaults
Elizabeth Dick, London / UK
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about the typical injuries of knife or gunshot wounds.
2. To understand the physics of bomb blasts and the corresponding injuries.
3. To appreciate the role of radiology in disaster settings and to discuss scenarios of biological, chemical, or radiation attacks.
E³ 518-4
C. The role of interventional radiology in mass casualty incidents
Allan Bloom, Jerusalem / IL
Learning Objectives
1. To present the unique features of interventional radiology in mass casualty incident settings.
2. To provide examples of interventional radiology use in mass casualty incidents.
3. To present new tools used for the treatment of patients.
E³ 518-5
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Ana Blanco Barrio

Murcia, Spain