Update in head and neck cancer imaging

July 16, 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

SF 12-1
Introduction by the moderator
Marco Ravanelli, Brescia / IT
SF 12-2
Functional imaging for characterisation of primary tumours
Maartje de Win, Amsterdam / NL
Learning Objectives
1. To review functional imaging techniques applied in head and neck oncology.
2. To gain an understanding of the underlying biologic phenomena represented by the different techniques.
3. To appreciate their usefulness for histopathologic differentiation of a primary head and neck tumour.
SF 12-3
Functional imaging for treatment prediction and treatment monitoring
Minerva Becker, Geneva / CH
Learning Objectives
1. To understand the role of functional imaging in treatment planning of head and neck cancers.
2. To become familiar with the role of functional imaging in the evaluation of therapeutic response.
3. To recognise the challenges of the execution and interpretation of hybrid imaging, and to learn about solutions.
SF 12-4
Texture analysis and radiogenomics in head and neck carcinoma
Ann D. King, Hong Kong / CN
Learning Objectives
1. To learn about the rationale and technique of texture analysis and radiogenomics.
2. To acquire knowledge of the current results of these techniques in head and neck oncology.
3. To get an insight into the challenges of these techniques and future directions.
SF 12-5
Live Q&A: New tools in head and neck oncology: fancy follies or must haves?