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Good Morning / Afternoon Education
The Good Morning / Afternoon Education Sessions are composed of educational lectures delivered by outstanding experts in their field. The presentations are followed by a Live Q&A to allow the audience to further explore the knowledge and experience of the speakers on their given subject matter. Each session will focus on an essential topic in Radiology and be supported by real-world evidence and data.
What would you do? Interactive case-solving
The What would you do? Sessions aim to engage and challenge the audience through an interactive format that allows the qualified speaker to converse with the participants and have them reflect on their own practice. The presenter will provide an educational lecture followed by a series of case presentations to demonstrate the acquired knowledge and, through interactive polls and quizzes, have the audience asking themselves “What would they do?”
The Newsroom Sessions provide up-to-date information from a variety of specialists as they discuss in a roundtable format the current challenges facing the profession, new innovations in technique and technology, and the state of education in Radiology. Participants can sit in on these conversations between radiological experts and be both educated and entertained.
Cube Fundamentals
The Cube Fundamentals Sessions offer a variety of key interventional, cardiovascular and neuro Radiology topics through informative lectures that cover the essentials of anatomy, differential diagnosis, and the available interventions and best treatment options. Each session includes a moderated Live Q&A where the audience are encouraged to ask their questions of the speakers to ensure a full comprehension of the educational content.
The Homeschooling Sessions provide the engaging and interactive experience of classroom learning in an online format. The sessions are composed of educational lectures wherein speakers present the audience with quizzes and polls in real-time. Each session includes case-based teaching and case analysis, as well as access to a virtual PACS system to help facilitate audience involvement.