The ESR Premium Education Package
One ticket to access all content.

The ESR Premium Education Package includes access to numerous educational services such as Education on Demand, Eurorad, and all existing and upcoming content on ESR Connect (including ECR 2021 on-demand and 11 ESOR Foundation courses). All combined, worth more than €3,000, but now available for a flat rate of only € 320 (excl. country-specific VAT) per year!

Our Premium Education Package grants access from January 1 – December 31, 2021.


  • Over 950 hours of on-demand video including ECR 2021 and ECR 2020
  • 11 ESOR courses live in 2021 incl. CME credits
  • More live events to come in 2021
  • Access to more than 450 courses (new content continuously added)
  • Earn more than 550 CME credits

  • Largest database for peer-reviewed radiological case report
  • Extra features for Premium Educational Package holders


ESR Premium
Education Package
(purchase includes)

  • Education on Demand (incl. CME)
  • EPOS
  • ESR Connect
  • ECR 2021 Summer Edition (incl. CME credits)
  • ECR 2021 ON-DEMAND (as of March 11)
  • ECR 2020 ON-DEMAND
  • ECR 2019 ON-DEMAND (existing Topic Packages)
  • ECR 2018 ON-DEMAND (existing Topic Packages)
  • ESOR LIVE (11 Foundation Courses incl. CME)
  • ESOR ON-DEMAND (11 Foundation Courses)
  • Upcoming LIVE EVENTS

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ESR CONNECT: as per January 1, 2021 packages/courses won’t be available for individual purchase. Permission to watch content on ESR Connect will only be granted if you have purchased an ESR Premium Education Package. However, packages/courses you have bought prior to January 1, 2021 will still be available to you for the period of time stated on purchase.