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ESR Table Talks

Please note: you need to be registered for ECR 2020 Online to watch the ESR Table Talks live-stream.

The ECR 2020 will bring an additional, totally new live channel to you: ESR Table Talks.

Hosted by Prof. Boris Brkljacic, Chair of the ESR Board of Directors, and Prof. Lorenzo Derchi, ESR Past President, the ESR Table Talks will give insights into the many ESR activities. Our guests will be officers of the society as well as prominent radiologists from around the world, who will present their recent projects & affairs of heart.

Livestreamed from the House of Radiology, the ESR’s Vienna headquarters, ESR Table Talks will allow viewers to interact with the ESR leadership by posing their questions in the live chat. Through these talks, the ECR will continue to feature social and conversational elements which we all enjoy so much at our onsite meetings.


Wednesday, July 15
09:30-10:00 Update on EuroSafe Imaging
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Guy Frija
10:45-11:15 Clinical audit and related challenges
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Adrian Brady
12:15-12:45 Insights into Imaging
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Luis Marti-Bonmati
13:30-14:00 Africa – challenges for radiology
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Michael Kawooya
16:45-17:30 Activities of the ESR Research Committee
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Marc Dewey


Thursday, July 16
10:00-10:30 European School of Radiology (ESOR)
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Valerie Vilgrain
11:15-11:45 Lung Cancer Screening
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Marie-Pierre Revel
12:15-12:45 ESR Education Committee & Radiology Trainees Forum
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Carlo Catalano & Martin Reim
13:30-14:00 Activities of the ESR National Societies Committee
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Andrea Rockall
16:30-17:00 Impact of COVID-19 on radiology in Brazil
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: M. Fatima Vasco Aragao
18:00-18:30 The Lancet Oncology Commission on imaging and nuclear medicine
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Hedvig Hricak


Friday, July 17
10:30-11:15 EU cancer policy and the role of imaging
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Regina Beets-Tan
12:30-13:00 ESR iGuide (clinical decision support for referrers)
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Florian Demuth
13:30-14:00 Children in Focus
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Lil-Sofie Ording Müller & Catherine Owens
16:30-17:00 Activities of the ESR eHealth and informatics subcommittee
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Adrian Brady & Elmar Kotter
18:00-18:30 Activities of the ESR Subspecialties and Allied Sciences Committee
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Apostolos Karantanas


Saturday, July 18
09:30-10:15 European Board of Radiology & European Diploma in Radiology
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Laura Oleaga & Violeta Iranzo
11:00-11:30 Research management support for radiologists – EIBIR services
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Gabriel Krestin
12:30-13:00 ESR Education on Demand
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Sue Barter
13:45-14:30 Impact of COVID-19 on radiology in China
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Zhengyu Jin
15:30-16:00 Collaboration with European Cancer Organisation
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Mike Morissey & Matti Aapro
17:00-17:30 ESR Ultrasound position statement
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Dirk Clevert


Sunday, July 19
09:30-10:00 European Radiology
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Yves Menu
10:45-11:15 Outlook on ECR 2021
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Michael Fuchsjäger
12:15-12:45 Collaboration between radiology and laboratory medicine
Host: Boris Brkljačić
Guest: Michael Neumaier
16:30-17:00 European Radiology Experimental
Host: Lorenzo E. Derchi
Guest: Francesco Sardanelli