The AI Theatre: Panel Discussion

AI-SC 4 - Building a compliant data registry for AI research: the way we do it


Chairperson's introduction

Chairperson's introduction

03:00Virginia Tsapaki, Vienna / AT

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

57:00Emanuele Neri, Pisa / IT, Esther Bron, Rotterdam / NL, Hanna Leisz, Heidelberg / DE

3 min
Chairperson's introduction
Virginia Tsapaki, Vienna / Austria
57 min
Panel Discussion
Emanuele Neri, Pisa / Italy
Hanna Leisz, Heidelberg / Germany
Esther Bron, Rotterdam / Netherlands
1. To discuss methodologies to build a data registry for AI research which is compliant with ethical regulation.
2. To identify pitfalls of this process.
3. To discuss examples of data registries as built-in private and academic institutions.

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