E³ - Young ECR Programme: Basic Sessions - Organised by the EFRS

Acknowledging and managing radiographer burnout

18 min
The impact of burnout on student radiographers
1. To provide an overview of published research on this topic.
2. To understand the key factors impacting students' wellbeing.
3. To identify how students may be supported.
18 min
Academic faculty insights
1. To understand factors causing academic burnout.
2. To provide an overview of recent research findings.
3. To discuss how to adapt going forwards.
18 min
The clinical radiographer perspective
1. To define "burnout".
2. To gain an understanding of the current evidence base.
3. To provide a summary of recent radiography research.
18 min
Compassionate leadership
1. To become familiar with compassionate leadership.
2. To discuss holistic approaches in focused times.
3. To outline tools and techniques for managing and preventing burnout.
18 min
Panel discussion: Lessons learnt from 2020 onwards and taking the positives forwards