Refresher Courses: Head and Neck

RC 2308 - Acute head and neck imaging

July 17, 09:30 - 10:30 CEST

RC 2308-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Agnieszka Trojanowska, Lublin / Poland
RC 2308-2
15 min
Facial and skull base trauma imaging
Jan Walther Casselman, Bruges / Belgium
1. To demonstrate which imaging technique should be used to visualise different traumatic facial and skull base lesions.
2. To detail how different traumatic facial and skull base lesions should be described and named.
3. To analyse which traumatic facial and skull base lesions have the most important clinical impact.
RC 2308-3
15 min
Imaging infections of the head and neck
Steve Colley, Birmingham / UK
1. To describe the most common sites of origin and aetiology of deep neck space infection in adults.
2. To become familiar with the anatomical routes of spread from the site of infection.
3. To understand the potential complications of infections in the head and neck, which should be considered in the acute setting.
RC 2308-4
15 min
Imaging of other head and neck emergencies: epistaxis, foreign bodies, and vascular trauma
Damien-Arthur Varoquaux, Marseille / France
1. To recognise a foreign body in the head and neck region.
2. To become familiar with performing and interpreting CTA for head and neck haemorrhage.
3. To learn the principles of endovascular treatment of refractory epistaxis, oncological, and traumatic haemorrhage.
RC 2308-5
10 min
Panel discussion: Is there a role for radiography, ultrasound, or MRI in acute head and neck imaging: the panel's experience