State of the Art Symposium

Acute stroke in the emergency department

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
20 min
Acute stroke: CT first?
1. To understand the clinical and basic imaging criteria when selecting stroke patients.
2. To analyse the update guidelines in stroke treatment and the role of CT in the Hub and Spoke centre.
3. To describe how CTA and CT-perfusion can select patients.
20 min
Acute stroke: MRI first?
1. To describe which MRI protocol is necessary to perform in acute stroke patients.
2. To identify when it is mandatory to perform MRI examinations.
3. To demonstrate how MRI can help in excluding patients from intravenous and/or endovascular treatment.
20 min
Strategies to reduce door-to-needle time: the clinician's point of view
1. To clarify how to organise the pre-hospital setting.
2. To describe the best intra-hospital setting.
3. To discuss going directly to the angio suite: is it realistic?
25 min
Panel discussion: What radiologists need to know about the clinician's expectations from radiology in acute stroke?