Refresher Courses: Neuro

Advanced MRI techniques in clinical neuroradiology

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI)
1. To understand the basic technical principles of SWI and similar techniques.
2. To understand how imaging parameters influence the interpretation of cases.
3. To discuss the key findings of SWI and similar techniques in common neurological diseases.
15 min
Arterial spin labelling (ASL) perfusion
1. To understand the technical principles behind ASL.
2. To learn when and how to use ASL.
3. To interpret ASL-derived cerebral blood flow maps compared to other perfusion techniques.
15 min
Zero echo time (TE) imaging
1. To name three unique advantages of zero TE MRI.
2. To describe how to produce useful image contrast for neuroimaging with zero TE.
3. To identify imaging protocols where zero TE imaging can add value.
4. To explain the advantages and limitations of zero TE for neuroimaging.
10 min
Panel discussion: Which advanced techniques have found a place in clinical routine