Industry Symposium by Canon Medical Systems

SY 18 - AI Driven Workflow in COVID-19 Era


SY18 - Industry Symposium by Canon Medical Systems: AI Driven Workflow in COVID-19 Era

SY18 - Industry Symposium by Canon Medical Systems: AI Driven Workflow in COVID-19 Era

55:35Canon Medical Systems

SY 18-1
2 min
Moderator Introduction
SY 18-2
10 min
Relocatable Systems in Times of Market Shortage – a Radiologist’s Experience
Mark Kon, Bradford / United Kingdom
Learning Objectives
Appreciate from Bradford’s experience how a relocatable system can help alleviate imaging capacity and flexibly manage patient flow in COVID-19 pandemic era.
SY 18-3
10 min
AI Heralds a New Era in CT (AiCE)
Richard Hawkins, Nantwich / United Kingdom
Learning Objectives
Learn how Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) harnesses the power of deep learning to provide a revolutionary new form of CT image reconstruction..
Through real world clinical examples you will see how Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) produces ultra-low dose, high quality images in rapid time frames, transforming CT as you know it.
SY 18-4
10 min
Daily Practice of Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine and Compressed SPEEDER in Neuro MRI Applications (AiCE)
Benoît Doche De Laquitane, Bordeaux / France
Learning Objectives
Learn how Deep Learning Reconstruction and Compressed SPEEDER are improving our workflow in daily clinical practice in neuroradiology.
SY 18-5
10 min
How to Switch to 4D Angio CT Room During COVID-19
Manuel Mignon, Kraainem / Belgium
Learning Objectives
Explain, share tips and tricks when moving from an old to new angiographic room during the pandemic.
SY 18-6
10 min
Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Center under COVID-19 – First line target to Increase efficiency and speed in routine and advanced exams
Thomas Fischer, Berlin / Germany
Learning Objectives
Learn how new techniques and applications including the use of AI can accelerate the ultrasound exam and at the same time increase quality and diagnostic outcomes in the routine and in advanced exams in an interdisciplinary approach.
SY 18-7
8 min
Q&A with the audience

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