Refresher Courses: Neuro

Around the brain lesions in neuroimaging

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Incidental and the most common lesions of the orbit
1. To learn about the variations of normal anatomy in the orbit.
2. To learn about the most common lesions in the orbit.
3. To understand when additional investigation and/or follow-up is needed for incidental orbital findings.
15 min
Incidental and the most common lesions of temporal bone
1. To be able to name and identify the most common temporal bone incidental findings.
2. To learn about the clinical significance and how to orient further management of incidental findings.
3. To diagnose the three most common inflammatory lesions of the temporal bone.
15 min
Incidental aneurysm: when and how to follow-up
1. To categorise intracranial aneurysms and learn about their natural history.
2. To select the best imaging option for aneurysm detection and follow-up.
3. To report the most important imaging features of intracranial aneurysms with treatment significance.
10 min
Panel discussion: Extracranial lesions we must not miss in a brain exam