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Research Presentation Session

RPS 205 - Artificial intelligence (AI) in unmet clinical needs

March 3, 08:00 - 09:00 CET

  • 6 Lectures
  • 60 Minutes
  • 6 Speakers


RPS 205-2
5 min
Deep learning algorithm to predict positive MRI of the sacroiliac joints according to the ASAS definition in patients with recent axial spondyloarthritis
Charlotte Martin, Paris / France
RPS 205-3
5 min
Automatic pancreas segmentation using a novel deep learning method: evaluation on both arterial and portal phases CT
Wang Xiheng, Beijing / China
RPS 205-4
5 min
Multivariable diagnostic prediction model development study for gene expression profile from MRI ADC radiomics with artificial neural networks in malignant breast lesions
Mehmet Bilgin Eser, Istanbul / Turkey
RPS 205-5
5 min
Liver metastases changes analysis in CECT based on simultaneous deep learning
Jacob Sosna, Jerusalem / Israel
RPS 205-6
5 min
Artificial intelligence software for flagging intracranial haemorrhage on head CT associated with reduction of mortality, readmission rate and CT turnaround time
Daniel Raskin, Ramat Gan / Israel
RPS 205-7
5 min
Multi-stage AI analysis system to support prostate cancer diagnostic imaging
Antony Rix, Cambridge / UK
25 min
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This session is accredited with 1 CME credit.



Luis Marti-Bonmati

Valencia, Spain



Charlotte Martin

Paris, France


Wang Xiheng

Beijing, China


Mehmet Bilgin Eser

Istanbul, Turkey


Jacob Sosna

Jerusalem, Israel


Daniel Raskin

Etz Efraim, Israel


Antony William Rix

Cambridge, United Kingdom