Special Focus Session

SF 21b - Artificial intelligence: where are we now?

March 5, 16:00 - 17:30 CET

SF 21b-1
5 min
Chairpersons' introduction
SF 21b-2
20 min
Guiding our practice: clinical decision support and examination supports
1. To consider how artificial intelligence could support clinical decision making in the future.
2. To consider inclusive datasets in the development of artificial intelligence tools to support a wider implementation.
3. To consider how artificial intelligence can be implemented into patient pathways.
SF 21b-3
20 min
Helping to improve patient outcomes
1. To describe some of the current challenges and benefits of artificial intelligence.
2. To reflect on how artificial intelligence should be evaluated in a clinical setting though patient-focused outcomes.
SF 21b-4
20 min
Educating in an artificial intelligence world
1. To highlight the educational workforce requirements for digital healthcare delivery.
2. To explore the current practice of artificial intelligence educational initiatives for radiography.
3. To discuss future developments and recommendations for radiography educators and academics.
SF 21b-5
25 min
Panel discussion: Is artificial intelligence improving our professional practice?