Refresher Courses: Physics in Medical Imaging

Blue skies and newest trends in CT

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Photon-counting CT
1. To describe the properties of photon-counting detectors that are advantageous for clinical CT imaging.
2. To summarise the current clinical evidence supporting the benefits of the use of photon-counting detectors in current CT imaging applications.
3. To identify potential new clinical CT applications enabled by the use of photon-counting detectors.
15 min
Artificial intelligence-based CT reconstruction
1. To learn how image reconstruction works with machine learning.
2. To find out how tube current modulation can benefit from deep learning.
3. To demonstrate that artificial intelligence helps to reduce image artifacts.
15 min
The advances I want to see in the next 10 years
1. To be able to name at least two hardware and three software key technological advances that should be developed in the next decade.
2. To understand what advances are needed to introduce functional CT into clinical routine.
3. To demonstrate how CT-based interventions can profit from technological innovation.
10 min
Panel discussion: What will be the clinical impact of each advance?