EFRS meets the Netherlands

Meets 17 - Building bridges: EFRS meets the Netherlands

March 5, 08:00 - 09:00 CET

Meets 17-4
5 min
Meets 17-5
15 min
Surface scanning in radiotherapy
1. To describe the implementation process for surface scanning equipment in radiotherapy.
2. To discuss the improvements and challenges experienced following implementation of surface scanning equipment.
3. To demonstrate how feedback from users (radiographers and patients) drives adaption from industry and improves effectiveness.
Meets 17-6
15 min
An evaluation of patient experience during CT breast biopsy
1. To discuss the role of radiographers during a breast biopsy.
2. To provide evidence to demonstrate how radiographers can directly influence their own working environment to support an enhanced patient experience.
3. To describe the changes made to service delivery.
Meets 17-7
15 min
Hybrid imaging: the merge between radiology and nuclear medicine
1. To consider the benefits and challenges when merging the departments of radiology and nuclear medicine in relation to hybrid imaging.
2. To provide a short summary of the history and safety issues for hybrid imaging.
3. To highlight the changing educational requirements for radiographers performing hybrid imaging examinations.
Meets 17-8
10 min
Panel discussion