EFRS Workshop

Building our professional evidence-base

10 min
Chairperson's introduction: Why it is essential that we all engage with research
20 min
Publishing in a peer-review journal: taking your first steps
1. To summarise the key factors that can lead to your first published article.
2. To review the considerations for selecting the most appropriate journal for your work.
3. To discuss how you can avoid making common mistakes with your article.
20 min
Reviewing for a peer-review journal: getting started and top tips
1. To discuss the purpose of peer review and the steps within the peer review process.
2. To highlight key aspects of a quality review and how these ensure high quality publications and support authors.
3. To consider why and how to get involved as a reviewer.
20 min
Engaging with peer-review journals through social media
1. To explore the role of social media in research dissemination for authors and for journals.
2. To consider approaches to increasing the impact of your research using social media.
3. To review the key considerations in how best to make your research accessible to practitioners using social media.
20 min
Open discussion