Refresher Courses: Neuro

Clinical spine neuroimaging

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Congenital spine lesions
1. To review the basics of spine and spinal cord development.
2. To establish an imaging protocol for children with spinal malformations.
3. To learn more about the main congenital anomalies of the spine and spinal cord.
15 min
Imaging of back pain: upper and lower
1. To summarise the clinical utility of three imaging modalities commonly used in the investigation of back pain.
2. To describe 'red flag' symptoms and signs that indicate urgent imaging.
3. To evaluate various international guidelines that direct the use of imaging in the management of back pain.
15 min
Minimally invasive treatment of back pain
1. To identify the potential of new imaging-assisted percutaneous surgery.
2. To list new devices and treatments for lower back pain resolution.
3. To describe the pros and cons of percutaneous versus conventional "open surgery" treatment.
10 min
Panel discussion