E³ - Advanced Courses: Lung, Mediastinum and Pleural Imaging

E³ 1831 - Common and less common pleural neoplasms: a multidisciplinary approach

July 16, 10:30 - 12:00 CEST

E³ 1831-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Fergus Gleeson, Oxford / UK
1. To recognise key imaging features for the diagnosis of common and uncommon pleural neoplasms.
2. To identify CT features suggesting malignant solitary fibrous tumour.
3. To identify potential risks of an inadequate management of pleural neoplasms.
E³ 1831-2
15 min
How to manage pleural neoplasms: the clinician's perspective
Nicolas Girard, Paris / France
E³ 1831-3
10 min
How to diagnose and stage malignant mesothelioma
Fergus Gleeson, Oxford / UK
1. To learn about the different presentations of malignant mesothelioma.
2. To learn about the staging of mesothelioma.
3. To learn about the benefits of different imaging techniques in the diagnosis and staging of malignant mesothelioma.
E³ 1831-4
15 min
Less common pleural malignancies: how to recognise them on CT
Marie-Pierre Revel, Paris / France
1. To learn about the CT features of benign and malignant solitary fibrous tumours.
2. To learn about the management of desmoid tumours.
3. To learn about the differentials and diagnostic strategy.
E³ 1831-5
45 min
Multidisciplinary tumour board: case-based panel discussion
Fergus Gleeson, Oxford / UK