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RC 201 - Common benign and malignant liver lesions: unusual radiological appearance

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RC 201 - A. Features of benign liver lesions

RC 201 - A. Features of benign liver lesions

23:41M. França, Porto / Portugal

Learning Objectives
1. To be able to identify the most common benign liver lesions.
2. To learn about unusual appearances of benign liver tumours.
3. To develop an algorithm for correct identification of differentials.

RC 201 - B. Features of primary malignant liver lesions

RC 201 - B. Features of primary malignant liver lesions

20:13G. Brancatelli, Palermo / Italy

Learning Objectives
1. To learn about the typical features and prevalence of hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs) and cholangiocellular carcinomas (CCCs).
2. To understand why HCCs and CCCs do not always show typical imaging features.
3. To establish a strategy for differentiating atypical HCCs and CCCs from other liver tumours.

RC 201 - C. Features of liver metastases

RC 201 - C. Features of liver metastases

24:34A. Torregrosa Andrés, Valencia / Spain

Learning Objectives
1. To review the most frequent tumours causing.
2. To understand why liver metastases can have different imaging characteristics.
3. To become familiar with post-therapeutic changes.


Damian Gil Bello

March 3, 2021 | 15:28 CET

Excellent presentation, Dr. França! Are you aware of any study with a model to distinguish HNF from adenoma, in which the features are the inputs, and that gives the probability of each one as an output?

Manuela M. França

March 4, 2021 | 09:45 CET

Thank you for your comment! There is one such study from Taimr et al (@Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology), which is based on the characteristics on CEUS. I don't know any clinical \"App\" with such a model that we could implement in our practice. Best wishes, Manuela



Manuela M. França

Maia, Portugal


Giuseppe Brancatelli

Palermo, Italy


Asuncion Torregrosa Andres

Valencia, Spain

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