Patients in Focus - Jointly organised by the ESR, ESR-PAG and eHealth and Informatics Subcommittee

IF 19a - Communication between radiologist and patient in 2030: ways towards digital health solutions

July 16, 12:30 - 13:30 CEST

IF 19a-3
5 min
Introduction: the way towards digitalised medicine
Adrian Brady, Cork / Ireland
1. To learn what the pandemic has taught us regarding our existing health system.
2. To appreciate digital health tools that are already implemented and to put a focus on the advantages they bring.
3. To understand where and exactly how digital tools make sense and can be implemented.
IF 19a-4
10 min
The radiologist's view on their digital future
1. To learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning will change the field of radiology, and to underline how this can free time for "doctor-to-patient" communication.
2. To appreciate that patients will need information to be correct and understandable, which means that it may need to be non-digital.
3. To understand that patients are entitled to be informed as soon as possible on their condition through the most efficient communication channels.
IF 19a-5
10 min
How secured digital communication can be provided between doctors, patients and other health care providers
Michael Herscovici, Vienna / Austria
1. To understand the challenges of secured digital communication.
2. To describe what is required to implement secured digital communication.
3. To discuss the benefits available for all parties.
IF 19a-6
10 min
The underprivileged patient and the drive towards the digital world
Erik Briers, Hasselt / Belgium
1. To learn that a decent portion of the patient population has limited learning abilities and relies on doctor-to-patient direct communication.
2. To appreciate that not all patients have access to digital tools and, hence, digital information.
3. To understand that even with the evolution to increasingly digital information flows, classical information will be needed and that even these will be challenging for some patients, and it will therefore be crucial to train radiologists to communicate with underprivileged patients.
IF 19a-7
25 min
Panel discussion: How can we maximise the valuable effects of digital health solutions in a world where, even today, so many have no connection to the digital world and lack digital skills and even learning capacity?

CME Information

This session is accredited with 1 CME credit.