Refresher Courses: Emergency Imaging

Controversial issues in imaging COVID-19 patients in the emergency setting

5 min
Chairperson's introduction
15 min
Classification and scoring systems of COVID-19 imaging findings
1. To learn about COVID-19 imaging findings scoring systems defined in the previous studies.
2. To recognise which scoring system is generally accepted by radiology communities.
3. To seek out the correlation between COVID-19 imaging scoring systems and the clinical outcome of patients.
15 min
Differential diagnosis of lung ground-glass opacities in COVID-19 pandemic
1. To learn about the differential diagnosis in patients presenting to the emergency department with ground-glass opacity on CT.
2. To become familiar with the imaging findings of COVID-19 patients in the early phase of the disease.
3. To understand when it is possible to make differential diagnosis.
15 min
Who would benefit from urgent chest imaging and which imaging strategy is the best?
1. To learn about the recommendations for selecting patients who require urgent imaging.
2. To become familiar with the adequate indications for performing CT with IV.
3. To describe the CT findings that have an impact on management.
10 min
Panel discussion: How can we integrate imaging to orient patient management?