State of the Art Symposium

SA 8 - Controversies and pitfalls in imaging of the head and neck

July 14, 10:30 - 12:00 CEST

SA 8-1
5 min
Chairperson's introduction
Elizabeth Loney, Halifax / UK
SA 8-2
18 min
Controversies in oncological head and neck imaging
Minerva Becker, Geneva / Switzerland
1. To become familiar with selected controversial topics in oncologic head and neck imaging, such as which imaging technique to use for the initial staging of head and neck cancer, and whether imaging biomarkers really have a clinical impact or is there a role for systematic cross-sectional imaging in the follow-up of treated head and neck cancer.
2. To understand the background of these controversies, the "pro" and "contra" perspectives of the respective topics, and well-reasoned opinions supporting the different sides.
3. To become aware of the limitations and challenges of publication bias, as well as their effect on ongoing controversies.
SA 8-3
18 min
Controversies in non-oncological head and neck imaging
Stephen Connor, London / UK
1. To highlight where "controversies" exist in imaging of the skull base, temporal bone, paranasal sinuses, and neck soft tissue.
2. To present a series of non-oncological examples where there are variable methods to imaging and interpretation in the head and neck.
3. To outline the current evidence (where present) and arguments for and against the different approaches.
SA 8-4
18 min
Pitfalls in head and neck imaging
Davide Farina, Brescia / Italy
1. To learn about anatomical variants in the head and neck that may be misinterpreted as pathology.
2. To discuss the most common technical errors in CT or MRI scans.
3. To understand how the interpretation of images may be misled by the wrong technique or acquisition.
SA 8-5
18 min
Incidental findings in head and neck imaging
Alexandra Borges, Lisbon / Portugal
1. To become familiar with the most prevalent incidentalomas in head and neck imaging studies.
2. To understand their relevance.
3. To learn about how they should be managed.
SA 8-6
13 min
Panel discussion: Mistakes I?ve made and what I learnt from them

CME Information

This session is accredited with 1.5 CME credits.