Industry Workshop by GE HealthCare

IWS 86 - Detecting and diagnosing breast cancer in young women : A practical approach

March 1, 11:15 - 11:45 CET

Industry Workshop by GE HealthCare
Mustafa Erkin Aribal, Istanbul / Turkey
The breast cancer rate among women under 50 differs from 20 to 50%. Conventional mammography screening faces challenges, especially in the younger population, particularly those under 40. Herein, ultrasound emerges as a more accessible and effective alternative. Extensive research has demonstrated its capability to detect a higher percentage of invasive and node-negative cancers in young women. Yet, the false positivity associated with breast ultrasound remains a notable concern. Addressing this limitation, multiparametric imaging, automated breast ultrasound and the integration of AI-based decision support systems offer promising solutions. This practical approach aims to navigate the challenges posed by traditional methods and enhance the workflow efficiency for breast cancer detection in young women.
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